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Cyber Security 

Cyber Security

Discover how having the right solutions in place can ensure your business stays safe, secure and successful. With Polestar you can ensure your production systems remain safeguarded. 

Protecting your company's data isn't simply considering the impact of a major outage due to deletion (accidental or otherwise), corruption, viruses or theft - and creating a recovery plan. It is also about reviewing and then implementing the right processes and procedures to ensure that you have taken every possible step to guarantee uptime and availability. 

Back-up & Remote Back-up solutions allow you to prepare for, and recover, both data and systems following situations such as equipment failure, accidental loss of data or even environmental disasters. Minimising the downtime, costs, and potential loss of business. 

Cloud Transitioning services allow you to host non-critical applications and systems in secure hybrid or private clouds, thus providing a single POV across multiple sites and cutting down on administration and management - giving you peace of mind and making you more efficient by allowing you to concentrate on core business activities.

High Availability on-site reduces downtime and provides fast and secure access to your business-critical data and applications. Robust enough for your industrial applications and flexible enough to run in several physical locations, high availability will tolerate failover - minimising the occurrence of costly operational interruptions. 

Information Security is becoming more of a concern to our customers. By providing an information security review service, we can help you identify who has access to your systems and put safeguards in place to provide centralised access control and accountability at the device level, line level - or even spanning multiple production sites. 




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