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Case studies

Case studies


Discover how we've helped key customers in different industries in these downloadable case studies:

Carlsberg- Wi-Fi Project

If you do a quick survey at your local and ask people what goes into manufacturing a pint of their favourite beer, the answers will revolve around water, barley, hops, and yeast. Although this isn’t the wrong answer, the reality is that there are many other ‘ingredients’ required for manufacturing the perfect pint of lager.

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  • Carlsberg Wi-Fi Case Study [pdf / 5.77MB] Industrial automation specialist, Polestar, was recently involved in a complex project at a Carlsberg manufacturing site which proves that brewers actually rely on more than quality hops to create a winning tipple.

Delta Airlines- Managed Services

Learn how we delivered a project which involved the installation, maintenance and support of numerous networks for Delta Airlines within its Operation Centre in London and at airports throughout Europe and Africa.

Carlsberg- Failover

The challenge? The implementation of fault tolerant network switching and deployment of Windows Active Directory services for the production network at Leeds. The result? A resounding success...