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High Availability 

High Availability 


Are you structured for success?

Discover how Polestar's high availability solutions could be perfect for you.

Get your IT infrastructure right, and you have a solid basis on which to build for the future. With Polestar, we can help you do precisely that, with solutions that range from virtualisation suites designed to cut your costs, right through to networked phone systems.


What is it?

For any modern businessperson- whether they work remotely or on the move- availability of applications such as email is a must-have.

So the reduction of downtime and provision of secure access to business-critical data and applications has never been more important.

With our host-based high availability solution you can overcome the cost, reliability and security problems associated with more traditional solutions, such as tape backup or hardware mirroring. Meaning your mobile teams can access precisely what they need, across your LAN/WAN, whenever they need it.


What benefits does it offer?

  • Host-based replication offers a more cost-effective answer to the demands of high availability

  • Problems with tape backup and hardware mirroring- such as loss of entire days of data, slow recovery time and poor availability are consigned to the past

  • Real-time data protection ensures high availability for applications used across locations, such as email

  • Leverage your existing resources- we provide support for non-proprietary hardware


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