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Industrial Cloud

Industrial Cloud

The real proposition of what is now being called Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet, Smart Industry etc. are that they challenge our assumptions and the traditional methods of industrial production - and it is happening right now (Industrial IoT is one example of this).

But, these terms should be understood as describing a transitional process, rather than compulsion for fast adoption of 'game changing' information technology products in order to get meaningful data from systems.

At the same time, the promise of ‘cloud manufacturing’ is some way off in the future - certainly for most, if not all companies. However there are significant commercial benefits to be gained if companies start working towards cloud adoption for their OT environments. Especially when utilising tried and tested cloud based solutions around workforce mobility and within their operations, to optimise production efficiency.

Polestar's approach is to look beyond the hype. We understand that large capital investments in new production systems are not easy to come by. Instead, we take the long term view and help our customers by taking our customers through a 'transitioning' process, whereby we integrate and utilise existing cloud based services, particularly those around security management, secure backup and secure remote access, in order to start leveraging the benefits and scale production operations up into the cloud.

Once these services are in place, and our customers gain confidence in the robustness of cloud based infrastructure, we can start the cloud 'deployment' process. By working with our clients we identify the additional non-critical services and systems and migrate them over time into hybrid and private cloud environments. These may be reporting services, conditional monitoring systems, and fault / change management database applications.

Ultimately, by working with our customers and learning from each other, we help create, review and then streamline the necessary processes to facilitate cloud adoption - and most importantly, it means getting the basics absolutely right before enabling a strategic move into cloud production systems.

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