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Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT has arrived and is now transforming the way in which many sectors create, supply and support products and services for their customers. 

From manufacturing to energy and agriculture to healthcare, new ways of automating activity, engaging end customers and improving operational efficiency are becoming available. 

As with the advent of the World Wide Web in 1990 and the rise of Amazon only 5 years later, Industrial IoT allows greater flexibility and agility and will change the basis of competition, redraw the industry boundaries and create a new wave of companies. 

Polestar is uniquely placed to help our customers gain operational and competitive advantage from Industrial IoT. For years we have been delivering enterprise and production IT infrastructures. From factory floor to boardroom, we have established ourselves as leaders in secure high availability infrastructure that is robust enough for the most demanding of environments and the most demanding of business applications.

Our application enabled infrastructures can connect entire production lines to mobile phone applications, stream data in real time to supply chains, and can even connect an injured worker to help in a ‘man down’ situation. 

Polestar’s core product is our consultative approach combined with our specialist knowledge. Our expertise in design, implementation and post-implementation support for ‘connected platforms’ gives us the ability to deliver our services in the 3 key areas of Industrial IoT: 

> Data Acquisition                (Hardware)

> Data Transport                   (Network)

> Data Analysis                     (Software) 


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